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把握商务英语常用表达,例如:Don‘t take it to heart.别往心里去,别因此而费心,能够更好进行商务英语的学习。下面介绍商务英语常用表达,期望能够帮助到各位。


1.After you.你先请!

2.Don‘t take it to heart.别往心里去,别因此而费心

3.We‘d better be off.咱们该走了

4.Let‘s face it.面对现实吧

5.Let‘s get started.咱们开端干吧

6.I‘m really dead.我真的要累死了

7.I‘ve done my best.我现已极力了

8.Is that so?真是那样的吗?

9.Don‘t play games with me.别跟我耍花招

10.I don‘t know for sure.我不确切知道

11.I‘m not going to kid you.我不是跟你开玩笑的

2.That‘s something.太好了,太棒了

13.Do you really mean it.此话确实

14.You are a great help.你帮了大忙了

15.I couldn’t be more sure.我再也必定不过了

16.I am behind you!我支撑你!

17.I‘m broke.我身无分文

18.Mind you!请注意!听着!

19.That depends.看情况再说(这个咱们应该都知道的)

20.It‘s a deal.一言为定

This model of typewriteris efficient and endurable , economical and practical for middle schoolstudents.

They are not only aslow-priced as other makers, but they are distinctly superior in the followingrespects .

This machine will payback your investment in 6 month.

The maximum speed ofthis kind of variable speed bicycle is 30 K/H .

This kind of tyre is characteristic of nonskidstop on wet road.

This material has a durable and easy-to-cleansurface.

This kind ofair-conditioning system is practical and economical for the needs of yourcompany.

Our products are assuperb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up.

Our silk garments aremade of super pure silk material and by traditional skills.

The hand bags wequoted are all made of the best leather and various the kinds and the styles inorder to meet the requirements of all walks of life in your country.

As our products haveall the feature you need and 20% cheaper compared with that Japanese made ,Istrongly recommended to you.

Vacuum cleaners ofthis brand are competitive in the international market and are the best-selling products of their kind.

“Forever” multiple speedracing bicycles are sure to be sellable in your market.

Our goods are greatlyappreciated in other markets similar to your own.

By virtue of itssuper quality ,this product is often sold out in many areas.

Our products are superiorin quality and moderate in price and are sure to be sellable in your market.

These items are mostsellable in our market.

There have been asteady demand in our market for this kind of toy.

We have the pleasure inrecommending you the goods similar to the sample you send.


I agree.比较生硬的说法

I think it's very important. (我以为这个问题很重要)

I agree. (我赞同)

I agree with that.

I'm with you."对"、"很好嘛"、"我拥护"

I'm for it.


Let's go out!(咱们出去玩吧)

Sounds like fun.(那必定很有意思)


How is it?(这个怎么样)


It's good.太棒了!


比I can't agree.的口气还要强烈,给人一种直接对立的印象.

I know I'm correct. (我以为我是正确的.

I don't agree. (我不这样以为)

I don't agree with that.

I don't agree with you. I can't agree.我不能赞同.


All politicians are liars.(所有的政治家都是骗子)

I can't agree.(我不能赞同)

I doubt it. 我置疑


Do you think it's true?(你觉得那是真的吗?

I doubt it.(我置疑)

I don't think so.


Do you agree? (你赞同吗)

Not exactly.(不完全赞同)

Not quite.可能是吧

I guess so.


Don't you think Japanese people are healthier? (你不觉得日本人更健康些吗?

I guess so.(可能是吧!)

I suppose so.也许是真的吧.

It might be true.

听上去是不太必定,接近于No (不)的感觉.

Do you think it's true? (你觉得那是真的吗)

It might be true. (也许是真的吧)

It's possible.可能会吧.


The decision-maker decided to raise the efficiency greatly and decrease the intensity of labor.


补白:“工作效率”的英文表达是efficiency;“进步工作效率”一般可说成improve/increase/raise efficiency; intensity of labor 是固定表达,意思是“劳动强度”。

Our new products were a hit in both the Beijing and Shanghai markets.


补白:hit 当名词讲时意思是“成功而风行一时的事物”,在表示某事物受欢迎或热销时常用到;in...market的意思是“在......商场上”。

I hope we could open five more branches next year.


补白:open a branch 的意思是“成立分公司”,此处的open 能够用set up 替代。“分公司”首要有以下几种表达方式:branch、constituent company、subsidiary。

We started the year out strongly but then took a dive in April and May.


补白:start out 意思是“开端”;take a dive 的意思是“突然下降”,常用来描绘市价等暴跌。

This pie chart makes it pretty clear where the money in Beijing is.


We outperformed the market from August until December.


补白:outperform the market 的意思是“逾越商场体现”,此处的outperform可用surpass替代;from ...until...的意思是“从......到......”,多 用来表示时间段。


The sport, recreation and kids lines were steady, with no major changes from 2005.


According to the graph, you can see the future growth of our product is positive.


补白:according to 的意思是“依据”,与之意思相同的常用短语还有:based on 、in light of 等。positive的意思是“活跃的、正面的”,描绘数据时还会用到与之对应的negative(消沉的、负面的)。

As everyone can see, our total revenue for 2009 was significantly over 2008.


补白:“总收入”的英文表达为:total revenue。别的,几种常见的关于收入的表达如下:net revenue(净收入),gross revenue(毛收入),以及annual revenue(年收入)等。

This chart offers a good look at the performance of all our different lines.


补白:offer a look at...的意思是“展现......”,这儿的offer还能够用give或provide替代;当然,也能够用demonstrate或show 替换整个短语。

Even though overall mountain bike sales were flat, the higher per-unit cost of the S1models pushed up our overall revenue.


补白:“进步收入”的英文表达是push up revenue, 此处的push up 一般还能够用improve、increase或raise替代;别的,“下降收入”,的常用表达是bring down/decrease/lower/reduce the revenue.
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