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  While most of us hunt for deals and discounts — even on our most extravagant trips — and maneuver our time off to fit into short holiday windows and off-peak seasons, millionaires can’t be bothered with cost control.
  The ultra-high-net-worth among us want three things out of a trip; every small detail to be taken care of for them, the best of everything at a destination and they want to eat extremely well. Many rich travellers will also want their own chef to cook for them, a private jet to take them from place to place and drivers to shuttle them to everything on their schedule.

  When the wealthy simply want to get away from people all together, they head to one of the most secluded areas in the world: Grenada, is a series of small islands that sit northeast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea.
  Well-heeled visitors often rent entire islands where they can do just about anything they please. People often rent yachts and boats for day-long excursions around the island, too.

  Skiing is a popular pastime for the wealthy — 13% of UHNW individuals own a ski chalet and there’s no better place to ride the slopes than in Aspen.
  The remote Rocky Mountain town in the US remains popular with musicians and movie stars, so it’s no surprise wealthy Americans and foreigners want to go and be seen there. One reason people like it so much: it’s fairly secluded, yet its luxury stores.

  This beautiful Italian seaside resort town is full of the rich and fabulous looking for rest and relaxation. Porto Cervo, in northern Sardinia, is an island about 475 kilometers west of Rome. The views are stunning, the weather is always hot — average highs range from 13 Celsius to 27 Celsius.
  Most holidaymakers stay in sleek three-to- six bedroom villas with private swimming pools, fitness areas and large terraces that look out into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  Those who want a mix of east-meets-west head for Turkey. At the intersection of Europe and Asia, the country attracts wealthy visitors from every corner of the globe.
  Of course, the centuries-rich history is an attraction for the more-cultured wealthy traveller, but Turkey also has a number of high-end restaurants and a “really wonderful nightlife”.
  In Bodrum, the rich often stay in a Gulet, a Turkish boat that has between three and 12 rooms. From there, the boat, which comes with a crew, will sail around the coastline or into nearby Greece.

  Wealthy adventure seekers often go to Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city. It’s a desert location, so off-roading in 4×4 vehicles followed by dinner in a tent on the beach while the sun is setting is one popular activity. Others include trips in a hot air balloon and playing a polo-like game on camels.

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