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  4. Have a richer life if you want to be a better leader.
  4. 如果你想成为一个更优秀的领导者,你需要一个丰富的人生。
  We all want to excel in our profession. We want to be in charge even at home. We like to be appreciated by the community. Being such a person requires several important qualities. To gain the required qualities you must have a multi-dimensional personality. Besides work you should travel, learn languages, participate in charities and volunteer. The more new activities you practice, the more chances you have to become a better leader. Be a mentor, inspire others and do what you would like others to do.
  我们都想在职场中胜人一筹,即使是在家我们也想当家作主,我们希望得到他人的欣赏。要成为一个这样的人需要几个重要的品质,而要获得这些品质,你必须要有一个多维的性格。 除了工作,你还应该去旅行、学外语、参加慈善和志愿活动。你参加的新活动越多,你就越有机会成为一个更优秀的领导者。当一个良师益友,启发别人吧,希望别人去做的事你自己也要去做。


  5. Actually, it does not pay off to go on vacation when the season is in full swing.
  5. 其实,在高峰旅游季度假根本划不来。
  Prices are usually much higher in this period and you may spend much more money than expected. It is stressful to find out that you cannot book tickets or hotel room for a reasonable price. Hunting for a last minute trip is humiliating, especially when you know you deserve a decent holiday. Spread your vacation days across the year. Isn’t it better to take a few trips a year and visit a new country every time than having one longer trip to one destination?


 Carpe diem! Live today and stop putting off what you have always dreamt of experiencing. How exciting and fun your life is depends only on you. Making excuses is much easier than acting, admit it. No career can compare to what you may miss if you do not start thinking differently.
  Traveling is what makes your life complete. Finding balance isn’t easy yet it is worth trying. Enrich your life by going to Peru to learn the history of the ancient tribes, visiting Bali with its stunning beaches, finding out more about European culture or flying to Africa to see the incredible nature. There are hundreds of reasons why you should travel. Here are only 5 of them:
  1. There is no tomorrow – take a break right now.
  1. 不要想明天——马上休个假。
  Be spontaneous and travel whenever you feel like leaving your daily routine and boredom. Waiting for a certain time of the year so that you could spoil yourself is wrong. It is tiring and exhausting to live according to some schedule. If you need a break now, then simply take it and let yourself enjoy the time. Who told you that the calendar exists to control you? What if it’s time for you to control your own timetable? No need to wait for your scheduled annual break. Make it happen sooner.

  2. Your company won’t bankrupt or disappear if you leave it for a week or two.
  2. 你就走开一两个星期,你的公司不会破产或者消失的。
  There are plenty of people who can substitute you and do your job while you are away. You can do some of it in advance or you can keep it in on hold. Here the point is to plan a week ahead. If you work hard you can play hard. Always remember that the quality of your work will improve if you have a good rest and let yourself relax and recharge with energy and positive emotions.


  3. You cannot be a good employee if you are unhappy and tense.
  3. 如果你闷闷不乐、神经紧张,你就不能成为一个好员工
  Your family suffers too. When your mind is free you can perform at 200 percent. You are useless as a worker if your body does not feel great. You lose balance and harmony if you experience too much stress, perform a lot of demanding routine and constantly take responsibilities. Take care of yourself. Make sure that your well-being does not suffer.

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