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1 中国各种各样的中央小吃
     For the Chinese, snack time is more than just filling up one's growling tummy to drive hunger away. It is a time to socialize, bond, and enjoy the pleasures of good food and a good time. Good food, they say, speaks to the heart as well as the stomach.
     Little wonder that for many Chinese, snacks are just as important as regular meals. Cheap and nourishing snacks such as those found at night markets are known collectively as xiaochi, or "little eats". Restaurants that specialize in them are called xiaochidian; they sell different types of noodles or dumplings, stuffed bun or pancakes. Open early for breakfast, they may serve simple stir-fried dishes too, and shut only when the last guest leaves. The setting is usually basic, but the food is hearty, tasty, and very reasonably priced. Every city has its own local varieties, but the ultimate "little eats" are the snack of Cantonese cooking.
     Shanghai Snacks could be traced back to as early as the Southern Song Dynasty and became more exquisite in cooking when Shanghai grew into an important city in early Ming Dynasty. After Shanghai was listed as a trading port by the end of the Qing Dynasty, various regional snacks were assimilated, developed and refined, bringing forth the specialty of Shanghai style. Shanghai snack is famed for being light, fresh and tasty, and has long been diners' favorite for its characteristics. There is such a vast range of street food available in Beijing that we couldn't possibly describe all of it. In Beijing outside schools and big office buildings are great places to find street food as the sellers set up stall to tempt Beijingers of all ages when they arrive at work, during lunch breaks and when they leave. Besides these two places, there are so many different snacks in other regions of China, such as Hunan, Zhejiang, and Shandong and so on.

     2 中国有名小吃的表达方式
     (1)lamb kebabs 羊肉串
     The staple of street food, something found all over China, is simple lamb kebabs, called yángròu chuànr (羊肉串儿) in Chinese. Skewers of meat cooked over a charcoal fire, sprinkled with cumin and spices and handed over to the salivating customer for just 1Y or 2Y a go.
     (2)Tianjin Goubuli steamed stuffed buns 天津狗不理包子
     Baozi, usually translated to "steamed stuffed buns" are a great way to fill up in winter. You can see them outside any small Chinese eatery, steaming away in bamboo steamers piled high.
     (3)The Beijing Sandwich 肉夹膜
     A "very Beijing" classic of street food is the "Beijing Sandwich".
     (4)stinky tofu 臭豆腐
     Stinky tofu, also known as chou dofu, is a Chinese snack infamous for its horrible aroma. It begins as fresh tofu marinating in a fermented brine of vegetables and dried shrimp.
     (5)Chicken Feet 鸡爪
     Because they are mostly skin and tendons, the snack has a chewy, gelatinous texture, with small bones that must be spit out. In addition to being sold fresh and hot, the feet also can be purchased in individual vacuum-sealed bags.
     (6)bean curd jelly 豆腐脑
     (7)Bingtanghulu or candied haws on a stick  冰糖葫芦
Part 2 Key words & Sentences 关键词语全晓得
     There are a lot of weird local snack type of food in Sichuan, such as spicy dragon prawns (look like very small crayfish), spicy snails, Chongqing duck neck, Bangbang chicken, spicy rabbit meat.
     Most of the snacks is quite spicy in Sichuan, be sure to order non spicy (búyàolà), little spicy (wēilà) food or very spicy (laola).
     Cantonese dim sum ranks the best in the whole country. Exquisitely made dim sums attract your eyes and stomach.
     Simmered milk has a frozen cover made of the mixture of egg white and milk, hence the name ShuangPinai, or Double-skin mile.
     双皮奶因上面掩盖了一层蛋白和牛奶混合成的凝固物,而得名。Cantonese like to have the delicious Yuntun miao for breakfast.广东人喜欢吃可口的云吞面当早餐。
     Guiling Gao is a kind of brown jelly that holds the shape of the vessel. It is said the Guiling Gao can clear internal heat. The bitterer it is, the better.
     Herbal Tea-Drinking is a long-time habit for Guangzhou people. Herbal tea can eliminate summer heat from the human body and cure the sore throats caused by winter dryness.
     The sweetness of sticky rice cake symbolizes a rich, honeyed life, while the layers symbolize rising abundance for the coming year. Finally, the round shape signifies family reunion.
     Jiaozi (one kind of dumpling) is the must-try "lucky food" during the Spring Festival.
     Niangao (or New Year Cakes) is a sweet, sticky, brown cake made from rice flour and sugar, a kind of glutinous white cake in the shape of rectangle.
     Suzhou's characteristics Tzung Tzu/Rice dumpling stuffed by jujube paste, the sweet jujube, is a fine selection of Jinsi jujube, cooked and peeled to mash, then add a lot of sugar and fats to made into stuffing, put a piece of fat meat in stuffing when wrapping.
     Guangdong Tzung Tzu is representative of southern species, smaller than the northern Tzung Tzu, looks very nice, shape like a bodkin.
     Guangdong people are famous for their passion for Yum Cha(饮茶), a Cantonese term which literally means "drinking tea".
     Saluted pork tripe:is famous among Beijing snacks and mainly served by the Islam. It was first recorded as early as in Emperor Qianlong's period in the Qing Dynasty.
     Snack Sauce Boiled Cake, originated from Nanheng Street in the southern part of the city, is peculiar to Beijing.
     The recipe is to put fried snacks, pork lungs and intestine, and salted bean curd into the big iron pot with soy sauce, which is available at any time.
     In Beijing the restaurants in the alleyways of Qianmen are renowned for hot pot, or huo guo. Here you'll find the streets are lined with boiling pots filled with soup ingredients. Its excellent selections range from Mongolian specialties-best known for lamb and mutton dishes-and spicy Sichuan.
     Shanghai is best known for its street food, especially soup dumplings. But don't stop there, sheng jian bao, steamed pork bun, makes for a perfect snack, while jian bing, egg-based crepes with a bean sauce or chili smear, is a local power breakfast.
     Man often eats stinky tofu, can increase appetite, and also can adjust the health.
     Savory pancakes are cooked with an egg on a griddle, a fried dough crisp is added, and the whole thing is drizzled in scallions and a savory sauce.
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