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“停止在中国军队是相当令人毛骨悚然,”Bill Marr Johnson笑着说。“我们遇到了军事演习——坦克上下隆隆作响,大炮在地上挖掘。他们留了我们三个小时。我们很紧张,因为我们不知道他们会怎么对待我们。”
他们是那种目的地和旅行者的故事任何返回的空档年的学生会很高兴有他们带,但Marr Johnson不在他去大学。他今年72岁。
虽然他的癖显然是惊人的,Marr Johnson先生是一个异常比一部分是旅游业已经作为一个重要的趋势。
“我们真的注意到在过去五到七年,”Jonny Bealby说,旅游经营者野生前沿的创始人,而Marr Johnson先生经常前往。


“Being stopped by the Chinese army was fairly hair-raising,” says Bill Marr-Johnson with a chuckle. “We had come across a military manoeuvre — tanks rumbling up and down, field guns dug in. They kept us for three hours. We were on edge because we had no idea how they were going to treat us.”

That was on a three-week trip through Tibet, staying at a mix of hotels and truckers’ stops with metal beds in concrete-floored dormitories. “They were fine,” he says, “the only problem was the long-drop toilets, which are never cleaned.” His other recent expeditions have included visits to Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia (the would-be autonomous state between Russia and Georgia), China’s Taklamakan Desert, and many of the ‘Stans.
They are the sort of destinations and travellers’ tales any returning gap year student would be delighted to have under their belt, but Mr Marr-Johnson is not on his way up to university. He is 72.
For his next trip, the retired chartered surveyor from Clapham, south west London, will visit Papua New Guinea, travelling by boat into the tribal hinterlands. After that, Jerusalem, Oman and a traverse of the north Caucasus are on his list. “The moral is: do it while you can,” he says with evident glee.
And though his wanderlust is clearly prodigious, Mr Marr-Johnson is less of an outlier than part of what the travel industry is recognising as a key trend.
Where once travel in retirement meant cruises, golf, cultural weekend trips and winter sun beach breaks, recent years have seen a surge in demand for exotic and adventurous travel.
“We have really noticed it in the last five to seven years,” says Jonny Bealby, the founder of tour operator Wild Frontiers, with whom Mr Marr-Johnson has often travelled.
“If you go to the travel shows you see the same demographic. The baby boomers have seen their kids come back from gap years and adventures and they are thinking, hang on, we never had a chance to do that. Unless you were on the hippy trail — and that was a tiny minority — life in the 1970s was quite serious, you had to get on and get a career going. Now they have made their money, paid off the mortgage, the kids have left home, they have got decent pensions, and they want to spend it on experiences.”
Figures from the UK Office for National Statistics show the number of British over-65s travelling overseas leapt by 13.7 per cent from 2014 to 2016. A separate survey from the Association of British Travel Agents suggests that, after a significant increase in the 12 months to August 2017, over-65s are now more likely to take foreign holidays than any other age group.

But it is at the more adventurous end of the travel industry that the effect is being most keenly felt.

Last year, Mr Bealby led a walking group across a 4,100m pass in Kyrgyzstan, including one group member who was 74, “and he was far from the slowest, not by a long chalk”.

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