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Dreary feelings like confusion, frustration, tension, and sadness are some of the feelings we experience when we are out of balance. Love is an essential part of life,especially on Valentine’s Day. Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit, wrote Khalil Gibran.
Finding the one big love has always been an uphill battle. Think of this: there are approximately three billion men and women on the planet. Eliminating the old, the young andthe already committed, this still leaves a substantial potential pool of perfectly precious people.

Love is the most beautiful feeling. It thrills the heart including other organs. So, do not bite your nails worrying, with the appropriate behavior, here are some tips on how tofind love before Valentine’s Day.

Be fresh.
Be clean and neat, inside and out. The feeling of cleanliness makes you comfortable to huddle up or to get close with anyone.

Do not put your image down.
The first ingredient to dating success is self-confidence. In short, if you cannot convince yourself that you are such a charming, and appealing person, how can you convinceothers? Get rid of negative subconscious messages inside of you. Forget thoughts like “I am fat,” “I stammer,” or “I am short in height.” However, do not over do it, you might end up conceited or arrogant. Just be kind to yourself.

Be interesting and interested.
You may not be very interested in computer games and you may want to hear more tips on cross-stitching, however, if you are open to the potentials in someone else’s world, you can find new and interesting surprises. Ask questions—this is the best cure for the anxiety of wondering what to talk about--or you can prepare a few in advance. Likewise, be a good listener. A great conversation is a good blend of talking and listening.

Make first contact short.
Lunch date is brilliant. If it ends great, it means both of you want more. If it ends otherwise, the next thing to do is to wave goodbye. Remember, dating is gaining experience.Dating is a gracious activity.

Be yourself.
Most people try to be someone else—usually a smarter, more likeable, more compelling version of themselves. Do not impart your darkest secrets or provide a detailed list of your worst fears. Be yourself means being you, without fretting about your perfection percentage. Things that make a first date truly memorable are the mental more than the physical connections.

Breathe. Relax.
Do feel desperate if your date is not a contender for the Big Time. Appreciate the fact that your date took the time to meet you. If your date is not interesting enough, then it is time to move on.
如果你的约会敌不过“BIG TIME”表演节目,的确令人绝望。承认这样的事实:约会使你得到满足。如果约会并不十分满意,那么就继续前行。

When will love come? Some find love late. Some find love soon. Some find love with the rose in May and some with the nightingale in June, wrote Pakenham Beatty.
爱情何时降临?有人很快就能找到,有人迟迟无法获得。 Pakenham Beatty说:当爱情来临,有人看到五月的玫瑰,有人听到六月的夜莺。
Dating is the look-see encounter. If the person wins your heart, or vice-versa, then your Valentine's Day will be special. If not, look back at the experience with appreciation and respect. For some love sings, for some love sighs, for some love's lips are dumb, added Pakenham Beatty.
约会就是见面会。如果那人赢得你的芳心,或者反之,那么你的情人节将会非常别致了。如果没有,正确总结经验。Pakenham Beatty还说:有的爱歌唱,有的爱叹息,有的爱不语。
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