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Freedom and ability equivalence, you have a promotion of freedom, the premise is that you have the competence of higher position, who will not have not enough ability to raise this freedom, it will lead to the collapse of social order. So, freedom = ability - desire, one free way there are two: one is the ability to do addition, two is for the desire to do subtraction; improve the ability of myself to take more responsibility, you can get more freedom and responsibility corresponding, to reduce the desire of people quiet, always feel comfortable and happy.
The role of science and technology is undoubtedly one, but two can not be ignored, and freedom is directly related to the "desire", which can not be ignored. The idea that high tech skills make people live more freely has been a long time. From the beginning of industrial revolution, people believed that when machines were increasingly replacing people's work, people could be freed from work and began to relax. This logic is obvious - isn't E-MAIL making communication easier and faster than mail?
But the problem is that when technology doubles efficiency, our desire will not stop, and it will become three times that of the original. In the past, we would write a letter in a day or even days waiting for the other person to reply within a month. But one day when we can write 20, 200 letters of E-MAIL, the other side can receive in three seconds, the other in one hour to get back to normal, we will not be satisfied with the "reply" within a month, our desire did not stop at "as long as a month received a reply is meet, it is best to use instant messaging, social media, I reply to meet each other within three seconds. No matter how many times the technology has increased efficiency, our desire to increase is one hundred times that of the former! We used to squeeze every day home bus for an hour, my heart hope that one day I can drive to work, but when we really have private cars, we began to frequent the horn, for more than 40 seconds red light anxious squalling, hope to be able to get home in 15 minutes, the traffic system into the first hope never jam, hope scientists the invention of automatic driving cars can automatically avoid pedestrians and cars......
Freedom = ability of desire, technology can increase the ability of individuals, but the "desire" is with the ability of dynamic evolution, desire expansion speed is much faster than the ability, the ability to do 1 people, the desire for freedom has climbed to 10, so that the development of science and technology, human freedom may become negative and less. If one day the machine to replace most of the work, all the time to spare, then people will want to travel around the world - but apparently not everyone has the ability to travel around the world, so there will be a new freedom, new inequality, scarcity is eternal, because of the scarcity of depends on people with much desire, desire and will not decrease with the development of science and technology, rather than explosive will increase, because of economic growth and new technology, new social organizations to stimulate people's creativity and initiative, people used the same resources can do more things.
The right view of freedom is "my freedom and the boundary of others". Your wrong view of freedom removes the social attributes of freedom, that freedom is where you want to go, how long you want to stay. But many people in the society, every action you will interact with others, when you have this so-called free "free", for others, as you have a no restriction to harm others privilege -- imagine that many people in the society, you "want to go where the freedom, the premise is to pay the price for their actions, including apply to the unit shutdown for vacation, accommodation, hotels, tour guide consultation requirements to provide services for your boss. That is to say, when a person is responsible for his own behavior, he is free, freedom and responsibility appear at the same time, and the irresponsible freedom does not exist. You can drive on the road freely, but you must bear the cost of oil and tolls. You must get your driver's license. You must pay for the traffic accident, and you must follow the road set by others, otherwise you can't go anywhere. So, your freedom is bounded by others, your driving behavior to make rules for the community, your free fist is bounded by the nose, does not comply with the limits of freedom is an illusion, this is why I told you that "free to do what they want to do is illusory and freedom" false.
We yearn for wealth and freedom. We must exchange wealth and labor for wealth. Freedom does not exist without contact with others or demand for others. It is called freedom of robbery and theft.
When we are eager to work freely, we must have the ability to make the results that others want. If a job is just doing what you want to do, not meeting other people's needs, then who will pay the price to exchange for your work achievement? "Just do what I want to do" instead of "meeting the needs of others". It's not a job. As mentioned above, the relationship with others is the essence of society, the essence of work and the essence of economic activity.
The freedom to do whatever one wants is only in the private sector, because that's a human society, like you are in your own room, what you want to do and what you want to say, and don't need to take care of others. But when you come out of this private field and enter the public sphere and multiplayer field of society, you must obey the minimum social rules, and you will pay for what you want.

但问题是,当技术使效率加倍时,我们的欲望不会停止,它将变成原来的三倍。过去,我们会在一天甚至几天内写一封信,等待另一个人在一个月内回复。但是有一天,我们可以写20, 200封电子邮件,另一方可以获得三秒的一个小时,等回到正常的,我们不会满足于“回复”一个月内,我们的欲望不在”,只要一个月收到回复是满足停止,最好使用即时通讯,社交媒体,我回复见面的三秒钟内。不管技术提高了多少倍,我们增加的欲望是前者的一百倍!我们过去每天挤公共汽车回家一个小时,一天,我可以开车去上班我心中的希望,但我们真的有私家车,我们开始频繁的喇叭,超过40秒红灯急骂街,希望能够在15分钟内回家,交通系统第一希望永不堵塞,希望科学家们自动驾驶汽车能够自动避开行人和汽车......

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