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Maybe you only sing in the shower, maybe in the car as long as nobody’s looking at you, perhaps you’re a karaoke star, or a video blogger with a penchant to be the newest discovered singer by some agent who happens to be surfing the net. Or maybe you’re just looking to become a better singer for your choir group, band or personal reasons. There’s a program called the Superior Singing Method, and I will go over the product thoroughly to see if there is any merit to the claims.

Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Aaron Anastasi is a professional singer and vocal coach. He wanted to find a way to reach out to people who might have any number of reasons for not attending vocal lessons in person. Some wrote to him saying that they were too shy, others just couldn’t afford it. Because he has a passion for the human voice and it’s impressive span of abilities, he wanted to make it more available to everyone. By releasing his lessons as something able to be purchased online, anyone with computer access could now recieve the same vocal training as those who came to see him.

In this vain, Aaron shows his desire to spread the joy of singing to everyone via three mini lessons available on the Superior Singing Method website to give you a glimpse of the style and quality you can expect from his training.

What is Superior Singing Method?

Superior Singing Method is a revolutionary, step-by-step system intended to assist get better anyone’s singing voice. Even if you are a total beginner or don’t have a natural singing voice you be able to become a much improved singer using the Superior Singing Method program. The Superior Singing Method uses you through 8 steps of high level vocal training with expert, world-renowned vocal instructor Aaron Anastasi so that you know precisely how to improve your voice fast.

With Superior Singing Method you will get through vocal training that will expand the vocal muscles that are causing you to have poor pitch. Aaron Anastasi, the creator of Superior Singing Method has found very exact vocal exercises that will develop every necessary muscle in your voice for rapid vocal improvement. You will also learn tricks and techniques to improve your pitch quickly, even if you are singing at the very top end of your vocal range. In the Superior Singing Method system you will be taught a variety of methods and tips to not only identify your unique tone but also how to get the best tone out of your voice. You will find out how to sing with full, rich, and smooth tone that is exclusively your own.

You will learn how to eliminate tension through simple tips and techniques developed by Aaron Anastasi that will allow you to sing with more power and confidence. The Superior Singing Method system will give you dynamic vocal exercises that are designed to help you to improve your resonance and strengthen your voice muscles.

Superior Singing Method is an 8-week (60 day) course designed by professional vocal coach Aaron Anastasi to make you a better singer. It is aimed at amateurs and intermediate-level singers who want to improve their voices but aren’t ready or able to take in-person lessons (don’t worry; you will learn the same things in the course as you would with in-person vocal lessons!).

Once you purchase Superior Singing Method, you will gain access to a members’ area where you can download the modules and lessons. In total, there are 10 modules, each of which focuses on a skill. Within the modules, you will find multiple audio and video lessons.


Aaron Anastasi为何人?
Aaron Anastasi是一个专业的歌唱家和声乐教练。他想找到一种方法来接触那些可能有很多理由不去听声乐课的人。有些人写信给他说他们太害羞了,有些人却买不起。因为他对人类的声音很有激情,而且能力令人印象深刻,他想让每个人都更方便。通过把自己的课程作为可以在线购买的东西来发布,任何一个拥有计算机接入的人现在都能像那些来看他一样接受同样的声乐训练。
优越的演唱方法是一种革命性的、循序渐进的系统,旨在帮助更好地演唱任何人的歌喉。即使你是一个初学者或没有一个自然的歌声,你可以成为一个更好的歌手使用优越的歌唱方法节目。超群的歌唱方法使用你通过与专家高水平的声乐训练的8个步骤,世界著名的声乐老师Aaron Anastasi,你知道如何改善你的声音快。
有了优越的演唱方法,你将通过声乐训练来扩大声带肌肉,使你的音调变差。Aaron Anastasi,卓越的歌唱方法的创造者已经找到非常精确的发声练习,将开发你的声音快速声乐改进每一个必要的肌肉。你也会学到一些技巧和技巧来快速提高你的音调,即使你是在你音域的最高点唱歌。在优越的歌唱方法体系中,你将学到各种各样的方法和技巧,不仅能分辨出你独特的声调,还能从你的声音中获得最好的声调。你会发现如何用你自己独有的饱满,流畅,流畅的语调演唱。
你将学会如何消除紧张,通过简单的技巧和技术开发的Aaron Anastasi,会让你有更多的力量和信心唱。优越的歌唱方法系统将给你动态的声乐练习,旨在帮助你改善你的共鸣和加强你的肌肉。
卓越的演唱方法是一个为期8周(60天)课程由专业声乐教练Aaron Anastasi为了使你更好的歌手。它的目标是业余和中级水平的歌手谁想要改善他们的声音,但没有准备好或可以亲自上的课(别担心,你会学到同样的东西在课程中,你会亲自声乐课!)。
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